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Meet Kayden

Kayden was born on February 20, 2020 via a planned C-section. He has a very rare condition called Pentalogy of Cantrell which means he has a midline defect. He has an omphalocele (abdominal wall defect in which his liver, stomach and bowel) extend into the abdomen near the base of the umbilical cord, a short sternum, his heart is pulled down in his chest, and he has a hole in the center of his diaphragm. Due to this, he has a feeding tube (inserted through his nose to his intestine), a venting tube (inserted through his nose to his stomach), a tracheostomy and vent (to help with breathing). All of this will be fixed one day when his Surgeon deems him ready.

Kayden spent 291 days in the Stollery Hospital before he came home.

Not only were we bringing a new baby home but our baby was also coming home with some pretty important medical equipment!

In our next post we will address the early conditioning we did with Ben and Lil to prepare them for Kayden's arrival!


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